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How to manage your story NFTs with Rabby Wallet

Last time we discovered with horror that we could not view nor transfer our Story NFTs with MetaMask. We'll see in this story that Rabby Wallet is better at this.

Welcome Rabby Wallet

Rabby Wallet seems to be developed by the very good DeBank team. I had heard of it a few times while prowling on DeBank but never had a good reason to give it a try.

Now was the time.

Chrome or Brave only

The first bad news is that Rabby Wallet does not work on FireFox. So we have to switch to either Chrome or Brave Browser.

I like the way Brave keeps a lot of adds away by default without having to install any other suspicious browser extension like you have to do with any other browser.

The whole BAT (Basic Attention Token) is a good idea, but the final implementation is a user experience nightmare: you have to register with some third party called Uphold with KYC and boring stuff. Not worth the few BATs you'll get for taking the pain of following the instruction.

Also, giving all my KYC to yet another unknown company isn't my cup of tea. So, for the moment, all Brave's BAT stuff, it's thanks, but no thanks.

Still, Brave is my main web browser for all the adds it's so efficiently removes from my view. Even though I don't withdraw the BAT Brave is giving me, I thank Brave for helping me keeping my personal attention away from all those distracting adds.

First experience with Rabby Wallet

You install it like MetaMask: as a browser extension. Then you can create your wallet like you would in MM, but here I just exported one of my account private key out of MetaMask, and imported it into Rabby.

I did not want to give Rabby my 12 word seedphrase, as it would have given him access to all my accounts. As Rabby is new for me, I did not want to do that.

The first good surprise is that Rabby Wallet is multi-chain by default.

I had just imported my private key, and Rabby was already showing my account balance on all chains I have used it on (mainly Fantom). No need to fiddle in the settings to add Fantom: Rabby already knows my wallet has a whooping $1.10 in assets across all chains.

Let's have a look at our NFTs

Now for the part we are here for: can we see our NFTs?

First click the NFT tab. If shows us nothing apart from a No NFTs found in supported Collections message. Now choose All NFTs from the drop down on the right and ...

Yes, I can see the 2 story NFTs that belong to my account: story #76 and #77. I'm a bit disappointed Rabby does not display the image illustrating these stories, but it's a good start.

We did not even have to enter the address of the StoryPress smart contract. Rabby had figured it all out, simply looking at my past transactions. Clever boy.

If I click on a story NFT, I still cannot see my story illustration, and the collection name is blank, but there is a Send button which I can use if I want to give my story to someone else. (I've tested it, it works)


It's not perfect, but the glitches are actually probably due to StoryPress more than Rabby.

At least we can list and manage our story NFTs from Rabby Wallet, and that was the main point of the v0.11 StoryPress upgrade: making each of your stories into NTFs so you can easily swap them, send them to any people who would help you write them, or sell them in NFT markets.

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