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v0.11 From Cherrific to StoryPress

This is a huge update and has been an enormous amount of work. The great news: each story you publish is minted into an NFT!

This opens a whole lot of use cases: you can write a story, give it to a peer for review, then he sends it back to you for final publishing. You can write stories and sell them, put them in NFT market places, etc ... all you can do with NFTs, you can now do it with your stories, as they are now NFTs.

The history

It all started with the review of the 4 design mistakes that was done two weeks ago. That was a painful conclusion that after so many months of work, many things had been done the wrong way.

But this is a truth you have to swallow. Even after a lot of efforts, even when you are very proud of what you've built and find it really good, you have to take a step back and ask yourself: and what if it is all crap?

After reviewing what was wrong with Cherrific, what was missed, we just ditched the old monolithic smart contract out of the window, and got back to work.

We all started anew with NFTs in mind, and made just one simple contract that would only take care of stories (now each minted as an NFT).

We ditched the internal CHRF balance stuff, and short-circuited the whole Cherry experience with direct FTM payment (when you mint a story into an NFT). Cherries still exist, and the whole Cherry Tree tokenomics, but they can be bypassed by directly paying in FTM: no more SpookySwap cherry swapping, or spending allowance for onboarding new users.

Obviously, the back-end had to change a lot, even though the front-end (the pages you actually see) is almost the same.

All content was yet again migrated ... for the fourth time.

A new name

These changes questioned us about the Cherrific branding name. We love it. We find it funny and cheerful, but it focuses too much of the cherry tokenomics, and we want to place that in the background.

On the contrary, we want to put the focus on the fact that now, each of your story is turned into an NFT. We thought about CherryMint, then StoryMint, and ended up with StoryPress, which reminds of WordPress, VuePress, and such easy tools that millions of people use to quickly publish stories on the web.


We are happy to put this v0.11 version of our decentralised publishing content system online. A lot is broken: comments and reactions don't work any more, because they need to be re-implemented with the new smart contract architecture. This will come. But for the moment, you can already write stories.

Reactions are currently disabled. They will return soon.

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