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What is StoryPress?

StoryPress is a web 3 alternative to traditional publishing platforms like Medium. On StoryPress, you can publish stories, comment and react on those stories.

  1. you write your story in our elegant story editor
  2. you click one button so that your story is saved on IPFS
  3. you click one button so that your story is minted into an NFT

Now that you have your story NFT, you can keep it, send it, sell it, swap it, just like any other NFT.

You own your story and everybody can view it at https://storypress.info/story/#ID of your NFT. But you can very easily send it to a friend or colleague, put it to auction in an NFT market place, or do anything that you would also do with an NFT.

Powered by the blockchain

StoryPress is powered by smart contracts running on the Fantom blockchain. These smart contracts run independently and allow you to create and update your stories. It allows people to comment and react on those stories.

StoryPress basics

The fact that StoryPress is a web 3 application implies some paradigm changes in the way you will interact with the application. Let's review them:

How do I create an account on StoryPress?

You don't!!

You don't need to register on StoryPress. You don't need to chose yet another username nor yet another password. You don't need to give your email, receive some confirmation link. You don't even need to go through these annoying CAPTCHA.

Simply log in with your crypto wallet like MetaMask, like you would do on any other Dapp (decentralised application).

On StoryPress, you are the only owner of your account.

Turn your stories into NFTs

One of the key feature of StoryPress is that when you publish a new story, it is written on the Fantom blockchain as an NFT.

This means that you can very easily give it to someone else. You can sell it directly, or put it on any NFT market place you want.


Like many other applications running on blockchains, StoryPress has it's own tokenomics.

To prevent spam, fake accounts, bots and low quality content, StoryPress uses a small token, the Cherry token. This is what you will have to pay for your contributions:

  • mint one new story: 1 Cherry 🔥 (= burnt)
  • comment a story: 2 Cherries (🔥 + 1 given to story owner)
  • reply to a comment: 3 Cherries (🔥 + 1 given to story owner + 1 given to comment owner)
  • react (on a story, comment or reply): rewards go to the owner of the item you reacted on. There are 5 levels of reactions (depending on your generosity):
  • thumb up: 2 Cherries (🔥 + 1 to owner)
  • smiley: 5 Cherries (🔥🔥 + 3 to owner)
  • heart: 10 Cherries (🔥🔥🔥 + 7 to owner)
  • present: 20 Cherries (🔥🔥🔥🔥 + 16 to owner)
  • diamond: 50 Cherries (🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 + 45 to owner)

If you are frightened of this weird token stuff, just don't bother, you can also mint your stories into NFTs by simply paying with Fantom's native token: FTM.

As you can see, rewards on StoryPress are crystal clear and enforced by the immutable StoryPress smart contracts running on Fantom.

As an owner (of stories or comments), you know exactly how you will get rewarded, and can check the StoryPress contract on the Fantom blockchain explorer that StoryPress is not cheating on you. Every transaction is open for anyone to see on the blockchain.

As we often say on the web 3 ecosystem: don't trust, verify!

But how much does a Cherry cost?

20 000 Cherries were minted initially. 10 000 of them were first emitted at the price of 0.1 FTM (which itself currently costs around 0.40$), and the vast majority of the rest will be airdropped.

CHRY token

So currently, a Cherry is worth around 4 cents, that is $0.04.

As you have noticed, using StoryPress burns cherries, so it is possible that this will make the cherries token more scarce, which tends to increase their value.

Hey wait! But won't the price of cherries move too high?

No. Cherries will probably rise in price, but it will be caped to around 1 FTM. Above that price, summer will come, and the cherry trees will bear many fruits.

How does StoryPress make money? (will there be ads in the future?)

As you can see, when you use StoryPress, all the cherries that could be paid to StoryPress are burnt instead.

StoryPress's objective is to promote high quality content by creating virtuous circles, in a fair and transparent way. For us, advertisement is one of the lowest quality content possible, so we obviously won't put those ugly ads in our garden.

StoryPress is easy to run: we don't host or handle your accounts, your content is stored on IPFS, the smart contracts run unstopped on the Fantom blockchain ... so basically, our only costs are the hours of fun we have building the application, the fees we spent deploying the smart contracts on Fantom and the tiny hosting fees we pay for the StoryPress.info website.

Maybe we simply want to get rewarded just like any of you: by the comments and reactions of those who like our work, and maybe selling some of our stories on NFT market places.


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