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Welcome to the StoryPress FAQ. Here you will find links that will shed light on how StoryPress works, and how you can use it.

  1. What is StoryPress?
  2. StoryPress roadmap
  3. How to view your Story NFTs in MetaMask (tldr: you cannot)
  4. How to manage your Story NFTs with Rabby Wallet
  5. How to buy Cherries (CHRY tokens)?
  6. 3 ways to get Cherry tokens
  7. Why should I pay to comment? 😡
  8. Will StoryPress better integrate with Twitter?
  9. StoryPress tokenomics: learn all about Cherry and Cherry Tree tokens.
  10. Cherry Merry and Tomb Forks: what have they in common, why do they differ.
  11. Cherry Merry: another explanation
  12. The Tetraktys on-chain Airdrop: how to participate in this airdrop of Cherry Trees.

Smart contracts

These stories are related to the smart contracts that power StoryPress:

  1. The Cherry token smart contract
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StoryPress Roadmap

If you don't know what StoryPress is, you can read the details in What is StoryPress?
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How to buy Cherries (CHRY tokens)?

When you mint a new Story, you are supposed to pay one Cherry (that gets burnt). If you don't, you'll be ...
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