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Twitter integration with Cherrific?

Hi dear authors. Here is a question for you.

The initial plan was to implement some integration magic, like you see on many other publishing websites: when you write a story, simply paste the URL of a tweet, and StoryPress will magically turn it into the proper way of displaying a tweet, with live updated content, number of comments, retweets, etc ...


  1. it's very easy for you, authors, to integrate a tweet that way
  2. tweet statistics are updated live

But we realised that there are some caveats to this approach too.


  1. StoryPress would have to add Twitter's JavaScrip API module, which allows this feature to work. That would be a code dependency.
  2. Integrating this Twitter JavaScript module inside StoryPress.info pages would open a security risk. This module is normally mostly harmless, but it can evolve, be updated by Twitter, or hacked, which would mean that some random code would be integrated inside StoryPress pages.
  3. When visitors' web browser will fetch that Twitter JS module, Twitter will set a cookie on their web browser, which will obviously allow Twitter to track StoryPress.info's visitors. We are not very fond of big data collecting each of our page click, and would rather try to keep StoryPress.info the cookie free zone it is right now.
  4. This also creates a content dependency for your stories. If you are basing your story on a particular tweet that gets deleted by the author, or censored by Twitter, then you end up with a disappointing gap in your story. Sometimes, people delete their tweet, and even cancel their whole Twitter account. We won't tell names, because we surely don't want to remind Andre Cronje of his past mistakes.
  5. At last, this also introduces some site dependency. We kind of like Twitter as it is, but what about the future? Jack Dorsey is gone, Mudge left too... Twitter is fighting in court against Elon Musk, ... if we start now depending on Twitter's good will to display some interesting content inside your stories, this will make it difficult later if we feel that Twitter is crossing some red line and we stop syndicating content from them.

Famed hacker blows whistle on Twitter

So, for all these reasons, the easy syndication magic won't be implemented on StoryPress.info.

To integrate a tweet in your stories, you will have to take a small screenshot and upload it, so your readers can see it. We know it's more work, but at least you are sure you will not end up with big gaps in your stories.

Don't hesitate to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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