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Why should I pay to comment?

StoryPress requires you to pay 2 Cherry tokens to add a comment. You might react badly to this and think:

"Why should I pay to add a comment? I'm not paying anywhere else. Comments on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Medium, ... are free. There is no way I'm gonna pay for commenting on StoryPress!!! 😡😡😡"

Free comments

True. Comments are free on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, YouTube, etc ... that's why there are so many of them. That's why so many of them are nothing but trash. We all waste too much time skimming through heaps of stupid comments to find the few valuable ones.

Free comments allow the spread of online hate. Free comments are an open door to spam and bots.

Aren't you getting sicker by the day of this never ending flow of comments that are either stupid, useless, hateful, or abusive?

Comments on StoryPress

You'll have to pay 2 Cherry tokens to make a comment on StoryPress. Remember that when you do so, one cherry is burnt, and the other is given to the owner of the story.

StoryPress earns nothing in this.

(Actually, revenues are not part of StoryPress's business model, we are much smarter than that!! 🤣🤣).

Giving a few cherries for commenting is a way to keep the trash away. It's also a way to reward the original person who wrote the probably interesting story you are commenting. Isn't that fair?

Not convinced?

A cherry is currently around 0.1 FTM. Given the actual price of FTM, (around 0.40$) that's around 4 cents to leave your comment. So the price of a comment on StoryPress is currently more a mental barrier than anything else.

If you are not convinced, that's all fine. If you don't want to pay a few cents for adding your comment for the world to see, then it's probably not worth reading by anyone.

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