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3 Ways to get Cherry token?

Cherry token is the utility token used to contribute to StoryPress.info. There are several ways to get hold on them. Here are a few strategies you can use to get Cherries.

StoryPress.info is a publishing platform where cherry tokens need to be burnt when people write stories (that are minted as NFTs), add comments or make reactions.

The goal is to deter bots, and fairly reward contributors.

But how can you get cherries then? There are three ways:

1. Buy Cherry tokens on SpookySwap

SpookySwap is a decentralised exchange (DEX) where you can swap tokens. Go there to get Cherries: Buy CHRY on SpookySwap.

2. Get liked and commented on StoryPress.info

The best way to get cherries, is to write a story on StoryPress.info that gets liked or commented. Each commentor has to spend 2 cherries to make a comment. The first one is burnt, and the second is given to the story owner.

In case of reactions, story authors can earn up to 45 CHRY per reaction.

These rewards are immutable: they have been programmed inside the Fantom blockchain and cannot be altered any more. Instead of the opaque reward mechanism you have on other publishing platforms, StoryPress.info rewards are clear and transparent.

3. Stake cherry tree tokens at the Orchard

That is some kind of advanced way of earning cherries.

As you've read, cherry tokens get burnt when people contribute to StoryPress.info. Only 20 000 CHRY were minted at inception. The more cherries will get burnt, the less there will be. In order to contribute to StoryPress.info, people will buy cherries and with time, their price will increase.

Of course, we don't want that price to get too high: everybody should be able to afford to contribute to StoryPress.info. So, when the price of CHRY will go above 1 FTM (which is currently around $0.40), new cherries will get minted, and these newly minted cherries will be distributed to people who have staked their Cherry tree tokens (CHRT) at the Orchard.

That way, the cherry supply will increase and their price will rising.

Stake Cherry Tree tokens at the Orchard.

If you find this mechanic too complicated, forget it. Simply write one interesting story on StoryPress.info (you only need one CHRY for that, and if you don't have it, the story minter smart contract also allows you to pay with FTM) and you will surely get rewarded.

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