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v0.11.1: better NFT compatibility

So ... the StoryPress smart contract was updated and re-deployed for the fifth time. Nothing scary, it's just me figuring out how NFTs properly work so your stories will better integrate into third party apps.

  1. name of NFT token is better: StoryPress.info / STORY
  2. structure of the json description file is more compatible to how other NFTs are structure, so third party apps and the rest of the ecosystem will better integrate your stories.

The good thing with the Fantom network is that it cost me less than 1 FTM to redeploy the StoryPress smart contract and re-minting the 97 story NFTs that already existed in the previous wrongly named smart contract.

Integration with NFT viewer

Here is an example of the automatic integration (now that the json story files are well formed) with NFTviewer.xyz:

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