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v0.11.2: pay directly with FTM...

At last, onboarding gets really easier on StoryPress.info. You can now directly pay with FTM to publish your stories (which also mints them into NFTs).

Behind the scene, the smart contract looks at the price of Cherries, and charges you that price, rounded to the next decimal.

After some first critics on Onboarding UX, redeploying the smart contract once to make onboarding possibly easier, the development of a simpler onboarding smart contract with corresponding UI, then realising it wasn't enough in StoryPress: 4 design mistakes, we finally got it.

The paradox is that often, the most simple things are the most difficult to build.

So now, just write your story, save it to IPFS with the first red button, then mint it as an NFT with the second red botton, and voilà.

In case you have cherries in your wallet and you allowed the StoryPress story minting smart contract to spend them, you'll only get charged one cherry. Nothing to pay in FTM in that case.

What happens to the money?

Asking for a cherry (or its equivalent in FTM) to mint a story into an NFT is just here to deter spam. If you paid with a cherry, it will just get burnt. If you pay in FTM, the FTM will be used to buy cherries ... to burn them.

But if cherries get burnt with each new story, you might wonder where these cherries come from? Well, you are reading our stories or not? ;-)


So, you write a story, and with two clicks, it's minted into an NFT that you can easily give to anyone, sell, rent, put to auction in market places, or simply keep safely.

It's all up to you.

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