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Onboarding UX

A quick critical review of the StoryPress onboarding User eXperience. Creating a decentralised application that is safe, coherent and easy to use is not that easy.

  1. have a web3 wallet
  2. go to MetaMask website
  3. download / install MetaMask web browser plugin
  4. launch MM, create first wallet, write down seedphrase
  5. connect wallet to Fantom blockchain
  6. buy cherries
  7. go to SpookySwap
  8. buy some CHRY tokens with FTM
  9. allow StoryPress to spend some of your cherries
  10. now you can at last participate: write stories, comments, reactions ...

Not so cool. 🤔

Shortcut from 6 to 10?

How about a contract that will allow you to:

  1. send 1 to 3 FTM to that contract
  2. the contract sends cherries to your StoryPress internal balance (creating your StoryPress account doing so)

The problem is that you currently cannot send cherries to specific user balance. There should be a fillFor(amount, to) method ...

Edit: How about just shunting Cherries?

This story was initially written with a previous version of StoryPress (at the time it was called Cherrific). In the end, smart contracts were re-written so that authors can finally completely forget about cherries if they want to, and directly pay with Fantom's native token: FTM. Simpler, faster.

I simply keep that story here to keep track of the history of StoryPress.

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