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The Tomb Fork Saga

A year ago, I discovered a strange kind of algorithmic stablecoins revolving around seigniorage that are also called Tomb Forks.

If you feel like reading the few following articles, they mostly tell you the tale of a simple zebra. A zebra that was living happily in the savanna of centralised finance. Then, who knows why, that zebra, in January 2022, started to explore the dangerous jungle of DeFi. The following articles tell you what he found, and what he did.

So, if you want to take a journey to the land of yield addicts and leverage dealers, if you want to know how le zèbre got his hands dirty and whether he became rich or rekt, ... read on.

In this journey, we will discover the system set up by Tomb Finance, that was copied in more than 500 Tomb Forks. But we will also dig deeper into the past and discover the projects that failed before Tomb's rise.

These articles were originally posted on Medium, but I am now publishing them on Cherrific.io in a slightly remastered version.

If you take the time to read these stories, you will learn much more about Tomb Forks than most of their users.

  1. 2022-01-26 - How Tomb Finance is feeding on the Fantom Network
  2. 2022-01-28 - Get ready for Vampcoins
  3. 2022-01-29 - Vampcoins are already here!
  4. 2022-01-30 - LP stakers vs Share stakers
  5. 2022-01-31 - 2omb over the peg ... and rising
  6. 2022-02-01 - The compounding share skaters
  7. 2022-02-02 - A dead body from 2018
  8. 2022-02-03 - Impermanent loss, the trap of the LP stakers
  9. 2022-02-04 - The Walking Deadcoins: Basis Cash
  10. 2022-02-05 - The Walking Deadcoins: Mithrill Cash
  11. 2022-02-06 - Shitcoins and Panic Selling
  12. 2022-02-07 - After selling the dip: the ambush
  13. 2022-02-08 - Follow le zèbre on DeBank
  14. 2022-02-13 - Leaving 2omb for Platinum
  15. 2022-02-14 - 5 epochs into Platinum Finance
  16. 2022-02-23 - Tomb Forks: the race is on
  17. 2022-03-13 - The Fall of the Forks

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