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StoryPress.info v0.9.x evolutions

After the release of StoryPress.info v0.9.0 which mainly consisted of cosmetic evolution, here is the list of the 0.9.x minor releases:

v0.9.1 💬

Add 5 last comments on the platform on the front page. A nice way to not miss any comment before the release of the bell functions.

v0.9.2 😵‍💫

Fix bug in the liquidity pool ABI, which prevented Cherry Merry to display your balances inside the different staking pools.

This follows a change in the format used for contracts ABI: from long very verbose format to simpler function signature only format. The base ERC-20 functions of the liquidity pool ABI were missing.

v0.9.3 🎁

Harvest button is now enabled in Forests and the Orchard. This is more convenient than having to click the "Harvest and Withdraw all" button and after re-stake.

Enabling the "Withdraw" button will be longer as it involves more interface development to allow users to chose how much staked LPs they want to withdraw.

v0.9.4 🥵

Withdraw buttons are now enabled in the Forests and the Orchard.

This had been on the todo list for months, but it was so tedious to do that it got stuck there for a while. (Also, users could click on the "Harvest and Withdraw all" and re-stake the amount they wished as a work around).

All buttons are now working in the staking area of StoryPress.info

This is now done. Let's focus on something funnier.

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