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StoryPress.info v0.9

Here is the new version of StoryPress. It's all about web design:

  1. simpler interface
  2. no more inside shadow
  3. story cards are now white, and fly above the page: this is your content, it should rise up, and not fall down like with the inside shadows
  4. less big round buttons: top bar is less heavy
  5. main navigation bar has less links, some links have been pushed down in the footer
  6. talking about footer ... it now has more links that you can use as shortcuts

The whole idea is to make StoryPress.info look less complicated. There are already quite a few buttons, especially for newcomers that are not used to Web3 apps.

Let's hope you'll like it. A lean interface is important.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment, or a suggestion down below. And / or a nice reaction if you like this evolution.

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