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prompt: Gandalf by hr giger

Midjourney tips and tricks

This story is just a small page where I gather tips and tricks I managed to find elsewhere or discover. Midjourney is currently the best text-to-image IA generator.

First, some links:

  1. Midjourney new documentation

Commands and prompt engineering

Some basic commands:


Lets you change basic settings like the rendering speed.


Shows your statistics, and remaining computing credits.

Tip 1: change the type aspect of your images

By default, your images will be generated as squares. Use the --ar argument to change that.

--ar 16:9 // cinema screen aspect ratio
--ar 4:3  // normal landscape picture
--ar 2:3  // classic portrait picture

Tip 2: go relax

If you are not in a hurry, save some credits by going in relax mode:


If you want to switch back to speedy mode:


Tip 3: explore styles and keywords

MidJourney Styles and Keywords Reference: excellent!! Great to see the actual effect of styles and keywords.

Tip 4: post fixing faces with GFPGAN

Sometimes, faces are not that perfect with Midjourney. If you get a kind of buggy face, you can have a go at GFPGAN, which is an AI tool for fixing faces in low quality photographs.

Some good tutorials on YouTube

⭐️ Midjourney AI - Best Prompt Ticks - Beginners Guide - Olivio Sarikas: clear and detailed beginners guide to Midjourney. A very good place to start.

⭐⭐️ I found the ultimate CHEAT CODE in Midjourney - Future Tech Pilot: a really nice hack to get fantastic stylised images. You basically create an beautiful abstract image, then you pass it as an image prompt.

⭐️⭐⭐️ Mastering Midjourney in 2023 | The Ultimate Guide - Glibatree: an excellent tutorial that starts with explaining the basic parameters, then goes very deep into styles. At the end it gives you a list of the author's best styles with a link to a pastebin text file to his styles where you can copy them all to use.

Some art ...

Another creation of "mine" that I like a lot ...

prompt: cat portrait painted as world war I soldier unhappy

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