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Clearer versioning

Although StoryPress's smart contracts have already been developed, tested and deployed, StoryPress.info's website is still a work in progress.

To give some more visibility over the daily evolution of StoryPress.info, a version number will be added to the front page. In the future, I am going to be more detailed about the evolution of this web interface to StoryPress's smart contracts.


As a recap of the previous evolutions, here are the different versions that have been released so far:

  1. v0.1: first release of StoryPress.info: you can simply write stories and react to them. They get published on IPFS and the Fantom blockchain.
  2. v0.2: you can now add comments to stories
  3. v0.3: deployment and user interface for Cherry Merry where you can interact with StoryPress's tokens. (Cherries, that are cheap and burnt to use StoryPress, and cherry trees, that will produce cherries when they'll get too expensive.)
  4. v0.4: complete rewrite of StoryPress.info website using Svelte instead of VueJS. Nothing fancy from the user perspective, but a huge time saver in the future for future developments.
  5. v0.5: addition of the Follow feature. This does not do much, but will be the foundation for future functionalities.
  6. v0.6: redeployment of the StoryPress main smart contract so that it fully implements the ERC-20 token specifications. This means that you can now send some of your internal balance tokens (named CHRF) to other addresses. The main goal of this was to make onboarding easier.
  7. v0.7: StoryPress.info website gets a responsive design: it means it displays much better on mobile and tablet screens.
  8. v0.8: Deployment of the Tetraktys Airdrop smart contract and the web page to claim your cherry tree tokens.

That's where we are now. v0.8. It already has many interesting features. You can write stories, get rewarded via comments and reactions, read them on desktop or mobile, and the tokenomics of the whole system is functional.

The future

What do you think? What is lacking? What feature would you want to see implemented on StoryPress.info?

We have many ideas and you'll see new features rolling in the following months... but you surely have better ideas of things that you would like to see implemented on StoryPress.info.

So please, don't hesitate to make your suggestion in the comments below.

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