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The Tomb Fork Saga : Chapter 13

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After selling the dip, le zèbre is trying to get profits from 2share volatility. Will he get rich or wrecked? If you want to follow his wallet, his trades, and every moves he makes on the blockchain, follow his page on DeBank.

I’m surprised how many followers I got on Medium and Twitter in just two weeks. As you have seen, I’m a real noob on DeFi. So I’m learning, trying to figure out how all this DeFi stuff works. Trying to make the difference between real projects and scams or ponzi.

Thanks for the comments

I’ve been completely open, often thinking out loud my theories, my suspicions, my strategies, my mistakes, …

I wanted to thank you for your comments. They are very valuable. A lot of them tell me when I’m wrong, or when I simply don’t get the whole picture by missing some crucial details. They have helped me to validate or invalidate some of my thoughts. Thanks to them, I can write new articles with different perspectives and richer arguments. I can better describe this young, but already so complicated DeFi ecosystem.

DeFi will win

I am absolutely certain DeFi will win over traditional finance. TradFi doesn’t have a single chance. TradFi is opaque. TradFi is a land where the access to information is not fairly shared. A small elite has access to informations well before us. These insiders front run the rest of the players.

DeFi has inequalities too. There are whales, sharks, and shrimps like me. But the information is there in the open. All written in the open ledgers that are blockchains. When we lend or borrow money on DeFi, we know exactly how much there already is in the lending pool, how much are the lending and borrowing interests. You don’t get that data when you go to a traditional bank.

I am absolutely certain that in a few years, TradFi will be regarded as something stingy, and suspicious, whose opaqueness will not be tolerated any more and hopefully outlawed.

Our standards evolve. When I was young, death penalty was normal in most of the countries. Hitting a child was one of the main tools of education. 25 years ago, Paris was littered with dog pooh, and every dog owner did not see any problem in letting his animal defecate on the pavement, just as it was normal that humans would do the same in room corners in le chateau de Versailles a few centuries ago.

Now, people are more and more concerned about the harm we do to animals, and you get a 65€ fine if you leave a cigarette butt on the ground.

In ten to twenty years, every financial institution will have turned into a DAO or died.

DeFi currently has huge flaws. There are too many scams, ponzi and rug pulls. It’s a land of yield addicts and leverage dealers. But it will improve. As I wrote in Shitcoins and Panic Selling, shitcoins are just fertiliser for a better crypto world.

So if you want to carry on following me in my explorations and experiments in the DeFi ecosystem, here is my wallet address:


Click on it, and you will get to my DeBank profile. Here you will be able to follow each of my trades, investment, etc …

In January 2022, I’ve started with just 100 FTM on the Fantom Blockchain. If you have followed my stories, you know I could already be around 400, but as I am a complete idiot that sells the dip, I’m only around 230 (yes, my limit sell order at 2400 FTM / 2SHARE was hit). This is where the Zebre wallet starts. Will I get rich or wrecked? I haven’t the faintest idea, but I let you see in real time where this all lead too.

It’s also a way to demonstrate that DeFi is a place where information is out in the open, unlike TradFi.

Of course, none of this if financial advice. As I said, I’m all new to this, and absolutely not qualified to tell you where to invest your money. I’m not here to help you buy some expensive car. Mine is a 21 year old Toyota that has already driven 420 000 km and I’m fine with it.

If I can just write a few stories that will help people understand what’s going on in the land of Degen DeFi, I won’t ask for more.

You can also follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaZebre

And don’t take me too seriously. I’m only a zebra after all.

In the next episode, le zèbre is leaving 2omb for Platinum.

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