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The Tomb Fork Saga : Chapter 11

Shitcoins and Panic Selling

… where you realise that Le Zèbre, is a pretty bad hodler.

I wasn’t feeling well after visiting that cemetery. Basis.io, Basis.cash, Mithril.cash, … all these algo-coins had been short lived. The head full of sad ideas, I went to the 2omb casino to get my yield shot

A change in the air

When I arrived, I felt the atmosphere was different. Was it me or more people were exiting? I looked at the charts:

2share is falling

2shares were plunging!!! They were trading at 700 FTM a few hours ago, and now, they were at 400!!! This was it. This was the end. The whole casino was collapsing. In a few minutes, everybody would rush for the exit and the biggest loosers will be the last one to exit. I knew I should have stayed with the herd on Binance. Why had I come here, in that jungle of DeFi?

me looking at the price of 2shares

My 2shares were still just above my buying price, probably not for long. I still had my yield. My 20% yield in 5 days the 2omb casino had given me. I needed to exit the casino before it was too late. I claimed my 2OMBs one last time, and sold all of them, and all my 2SHAREs for FTM. In just a matter of 5 minutes, I was out.

I was relieved. I had managed to escape without any harm.

I walked a few meters on the streets and defecated. A big lump of horse dung on the asphalt.

Now I was really relieved.

I walked again and turned back, half expecting the 2omb casino to be burning in flames. But no, from the outside, it seemed as happy as ever. I only saw an old woman bending over my warm dung and shove it in a plastic bag. That wise woman knew how fertile it was. I left the place happy to see that someone appreciated my excrements to their true value. Horse dung are often sold in some shops you know.

Horse dung sold as fertilizer

I guess she had an organic garden nearby. I was happy to participate in her garden. We are all part of the same carbon cycle, aren’t we? I wished her good carrots, good tomatoes, good strawberries, then this idea came to my mind:

Are all those shitcoins just fertiliser for a better crypto world?

Read the next episode: After selling the dip, the ambush.

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