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AI Tools: a growing list

Some list of AI tools because there are so many of them that I am loosing track. I'll be adding new links to this list as soon as I come accros new AI tools.

AI tools for writing

  1. chatGPT
  2. Jasper: write a long text from a few prompts
  3. Copy AI: helps you write articles.
  4. ComposeAI: a free Chrome extension tool that helps you write (emails, comments, wherever there is anything to write in your browser ...)
  5. Tome: generate a presentation with texts (from GPT-3) and illustrations (from DALL-E) from a few prompts
  6. Originality.ia: a non-free tool (1cts / word) that will scan a text you give him and tell you if it's been generated by an AI or not. Can also search for plagiarism on the web. You can give it the address of a website and it will crawl it and tell you which parts have been generated by AIs.
  7. Tutor AI: helps you create courses on any kind of topic.

As we are in the writing section, just one side link: SurferSEO, that helps you write higher ranking texts. You can also use YourTextGuru as an alternative.

AI tools for generating images

  1. DALL-E: create ugly images from prompts
  2. Midjourney: create stunning images from prompts
  3. Midjourney prompt helper: helps you create your MJ prompts.
  4. BlueWillow: looks like a Midjourney copycat.
  5. Stable Diffusion: same as above, but open source. You install it to your local computer and let it generate. Must be a geek to use it.
  6. Astria: some text-to-image generator that you can train by uploading your images
  7. Lexia: search engine for text-to-image AI generated images. Shows you the prompts used, so it's a good way to find good prompts.
  8. Craiyon: easy text to image generation tool.
  9. Looka: creating your logo and all other things necessary to launch a brand.

AI tools for video editing and video creation

  1. RunwayML: online video editor, lots of tools to edit your videos (like removing background, removing an object, ...). Runway can also help you create images.
  2. DeScript: online video editor based on your text. With overdub.
  3. Durable: create a website in 30 secs from prompts.
  4. Luma AI: create 3D models from shoots
  5. D-ID: generate videos of a talking avatar from portrait pictures.
  6. BHuman: record your generic video, then let the AI generate hundreds of customised instances taking some text (like a name) from a spreadsheet. Has a tool to clone yourself so you can make any video afterwards.
  7. NVidia Canvas: generate landscapes from simple drawings. (Windows only, with Nvidia RTX graphic card).
  8. Pictory: text to video tool
  9. Kaiber: generates a video from images or text prompts.

As we are in the video editing section, just a quick side link to HitFilm: very easy video editor with lots of features like color grading & correction, keying (the green screen stuff), motion tracking, with plugins to handle Mocha, 3D camera tracker, ...

Just another side link (I know, I just keep going off track), a very detailed video on how to turn AI images into 3D animated characters, and how to use your iPhone with Live Link Face to do some live mocap.

Music generation AI

Not much in this section so far.

  1. MusicML: from Google. Not a released product yet. Currently in research phase. You can have a look at a YouTube video showing productions of MusicML.

Voice generation AI

This section has moved to its dedicated page: Text-To-Speech AI tools.

3D AI tools

  1. LeiaPix: turns your 2D picture into a 3D model
  2. PiFuHD: turns character pictures into 3D models. Currently in white paper stage with a demo. Github code. You can have a look at how to use it on this YouTube video.
  3. Omniverse Audio2face: will animate a face model from a 3D face model and some audio track.
  4. FaceBook 3D Photo Depth Map Generator: will create a depth map from a picture.

Other AI tools

  1. Rewind: records everything you say or see on your Mac. This records your whole life. Spooky.
  2. BrowseAI: train the browse AI to do some automatic task on the web. Nice for web scraping, web monitoring, extracting data from web and get notifications.
  3. Merlin: web browser extension that can summarize pages, help you write complex sheet formula, etc ... it's plugged into chatGPT.
  4. Dream Interpreter AI: write your dream and it will interpret it for you.

Other creation tools

Other not so AI tools, but related to content creation.

  1. BigView: prompter to help you record your social media videos.

And finally, a way to find other AI tools: www.futuretools.io.

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