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v0.13.0: from Sequelize to Prisma

After a while working on some other project, here is the new version of StoryPress: absolutely no work on smart contracts and on-chain functionalities. This new release is just about StoryPress.info website, which is the front end which you can use to easily interact with the on-chain StoryPress application.

Oh great, what are the new StoryPress.info website feature then?



This new release is all about a change into our tech stack. We are ditching Sequelize (one of the two big ORM on NodeJS), and transitioning to Prisma.

But if all goes well, there shouldn't be any impact on StoryPress.info website.

Why tell us then?

Yeah, ... why incrementing the release number for something that you most probably don't care about? Well, just as a milestone, ... and a warning.

Changing ORM (the library that we use to access the data in StoryPress.info database) is no small deal for a website. StoryPress.info has many features, and changing all our database access might be a bumpy road.

So be aware that in the following days, a few things might be a bit clunky.

But don't fret to much. Our database is just a cache so that we don't have to pull data right from the Fantom blockchain and IPFS each time you visit a page (this would make the website too slow).

None of the blockchain functionalities have been touched. All the smart contracts are intact, so no worries from that side. If something displays weirdly on the website, it will just be a front-end issue. The real data (meaning, the data in the blockchain) are intact.

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