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Svelte & SvelteKit

Just some page where I put notes and links about Svelte / SvelteKit.

UI frameworks

My favorite CSS framework is Tailwind.

  1. uBeac Svelte components: ok, not based on Tailwind, but a source of references because they really have a lot of components.
  2. DaisyUI: component library based on Tailwind. Very good and simple. Reactivity framework agnostic (can be used for React, Vue, Svelte, Angular...)

Some Apps

  1. SveltePress: Equivalent of VuePress, etc ... Markdown file used to generate a clean website.

Else ...

Things that should be elsewhere ...

  1. Tabler-icons: icon library. Alternative to Font Awesome.
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NodeJS: notes and links

A page where I gather some notes and packages interesting in JavaScript / NodeJS.
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