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v0.12.0: Conversation is back on StoryPress

Comments are back on StoryPress. You can now put comments on stories like you used to. Two small differences with the previous system:

Comments are now NFTs

Yes, your comments are now NFTs, so you can easily send them, swap them, sell them, whatever you feel like.

Comments can be paid using cherries or FTM

If you don't want to hear about StoryPress tokens (the cherry stuff) you can just mint your comments paying with native FTM. Easier, faster, simpler, ... in case you don't want to bother.

In case you wonder why you need to pay to comment on StoryPress, well, first keep in mind that it is cheap (currently less than $0.20), that half of it is given to the author of the story, and the other half is burnt.

This has two goals: reward authors, and deter spam and stupid comments.

If you think it's a good idea, or if you disagree and thing it's a very bad one, you can ... leave a comment ;-)

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