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Working on comment collection

Just some small update ... working on putting back up comment functionality. Each comment will now also be minted as an NFT. So you will just as easily be able to send it, swap it, ...

Buying Cherries to make a comment also won't be mandatory any more. Just like for minting stories, you'll be able to pay with native FTM. In that case, the story owner will receive one cherry worth of FTM for each comment you make.

The smart contract has been written and deployed. This is the easiest part. Now I'll have to adapt all the user interface that goes around so you can easily add your comments and see them.

Stay tuned ...

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Test first comment ...
by 0xedB0...3484 on block 58 940 713
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Second comment (paid in CHRY) this time.
by 0xedB0...3484 on block 58 940 960
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OK, so, as you might have guessed, comments are back up on StoryPress.
by 0xedB0...3484 on block 59 008 245

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