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A small page about JavaScript where I'll put interesting articles, links, references, or tips about this amazing programming language, or simply links to my favourite packages.

The two pillars of JavaScript

First, reading these articles is very important if you don't want to take JavaScript the wrong classical way:

  1. The Two Pillars of JavaScript - Part 1 - Eric Elliot
  2. The Two Pillars of JavaScript - Part 2 - Eric Elliot

ES6 conversations

ES6 is the new (well, ... new from 2015) way of writing JavaScript. There are tons of tutorials about how to write clean ES6 code ... here are some of them.

  1. JavaScript ES6: write less, do more - Said Hayani (just forget about the last paragraph about classes)
  2. JavaScript hacks for ES6 hipsters - Tal Bereznitskey on HackerNoon
  3. My Boss: It's 2023, you know ES6, but why don't you use it? - Fatfish

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