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Cherry Merry

Cherry Merry is NOT a traditional Tomb Fork. Read this article to know the differences.

Next Epoch
77 763
Current Epoch
0.118 FTM
is all you need
and cherries
metamask fox
CHRY: Cherries
Current Price
0.117 FTM
Supply: 19 411
metamask fox
CHRT: Cherry trees
Current Price
0.784 FTM
Supply: 100 000
metamask fox
CHRY: Cherries
Current Value
2.927 CHRY + 0.343 FTM
Supply: 3 328
metamask fox
CHRT: Cherry trees
Current Value
1.129 CHRT + 0.886 FTM
Supply: 10 000

StoryPress needs you to burn a Cherry tokens (CHRY) when you mint a story into an NFT. Only 20 000 CHRY were created initially, but as authors mint new stories, cherries get burnt and, the price of Cherries should rise.

When the TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price) of CHRY tokens goes beyond 1.01 FTM, then Cherry Trees (CHRT) will start minting new cherries at the Orchard. So there will be more cherries, so the price of Cherries should go down.

This clever machinery is just here so that the price of CHRY never goes too high and authors never have to pay too much to mint new story NFTs.

Minted cherries will be distributed to cherry tree holders who staked their trees at the Orchard.