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Learning more about StoryPress.

I have a bunch of questions regarding how StoryPress works and rather than not contributing them, or spamming other unrelated posts, I thought I would leave them here for the moment.

Maybe I can slowly answer them.

Current questions:

Can I find a comment on IPFS?

This is probably not a very interesting feature for a website to have as it should likely just happen in the background. However these are early days and having easy ways to see the differences between how Web2 and Web3 works are useful.

I see that as the author, I can view the story itself on IPFS (although it's via a gateway and so it mostly times out. IPFS is still very young.)

Can I load the StoryPress website from an IPFS or IPNS address?

A few DeFi exchanges let you load the exchange itself from IPFS land "only" (no idea how true this is) rather than from a server but using Web3 components like some smart contracts and IPFS for some storage. Can StoryPress do this? Or is it quite a challenge to achieve and something for the future?

StoryPress vs Audius.

Audius is a music streaming service that leverages IPFS in order to store the songs that they stream to users. However, they use their own set of IPFS nodes to deliver the content.

I have an IPFS node operating on my desktop computer at home. If I listen to a song on Audius one day, and then relisten to that song again later, my computer will go to one of Audius's nodes both times to get the song, rather than my node being involved in the process.

In an ideal IPFS setup, I'd expect that my node would store a copy of the played song and would therefore likely be the source of the file the next time I played that track from my computer.

How does StoryPress deal with the same situation?

Where are the StoryPress comments mined?

When the StoryPress website tells me that a comment is being mined, where is that happening? Is that on the Fantom blockchain?

Assuming that it is on the Fantom chain, does that mean that if I was to run a Fantom node that I would be helping (though not directly mining my own comments) in the running of StoryPress?

Fantom block time appears to be generally under 5 seconds. When a comment takes 30 to 60 seconds to be mined, why is that?

How do I change my avatar?

I like the blue robot... but I'm trying things out here. I thought I read an article ages ago saying how to set an avatar in Web3 land but I can't find it now. Perhaps that is something to add to the FAQ?

Answered Questions:

Do I need to wait for a comment to be mined?

No, I don't.

If I comment and submit the transaction, a box shows up telling me that my comment is waiting to be mined. If I leave StoryPress to go to another website while that comment is being mined, then the transaction to save that comment is still in the queue on the blockchain. In MetaMask I can see that I have a pending transaction.

I tried to add an image here of a pending MetaMask transaction but I get an error message saying "Error writing picture to IPFS". Below is the IPFS CID and here is a link to the image.


I imagine that like with other DApps, if I try to change which blockchain MetaMask is looking at while the transaction is not complete, then that transaction will be cancelled and my comment will be lost.

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