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v0.10.x evolutions

Here is the log of the small evolutions of the v0.10.x minor versions of StoryPress.info website.

v0.10.1: disabling buttons when you cannot use them

Disable buttons for actions that you cannot perform because either you don't have enough Cherries or you haven't allowed the StoryPress smart contract to spend enough cherries from your wallet.

This was really obvious for people used with this allowance stuff, but for web3 newcomers, the fact that you often need to allow smart contract to spend some of your tokens in order to use them, is not yet part of their automatisms.

Disabling these buttons will give them a clear sign that some actions cannot be done until you have enough cherries and have allowed the StoryPress smart contract to spend them from your wallet.

When you don't have enough cherries to react with ❤️ 🎁 💎

When you want to do something but your allowance is too low.

v0.10.2: Share buttons and more meta

StoryPress.info is a breaking new publishing platform powered by the Fantom blockchain and IPFS. All content is hosted on decentralised systems. As with other web3 applications, sometimes called Dapps, you don't need to register on StoryPress.info: just log in with your Web3 wallet and start writing your stories.

But such new kind of application appears in an already existing coherent ecosystem. To help your stories integrate into that existing ecosystem, we've just added share buttons at the bottom of each of your stories.

We've also added meta data into the pages of StoryPress.info so other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, ... will be able to integrate them into their content in a better way:

If you like these updates, or if you want something different, reactions and comments are there for you ;-)

Reactions are currently disabled. They will return soon.

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