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StoryPress.info getting responsive

StoryPress.info display has been very ugly on small screens so far. Here are the results of the work we did last week.

Large screen

Here is StoryPress.info on large screen. We added the write button on the left side bar.

When your web3 wallet is connected to another blockchain (not Fantom) you still have the blue button on the right side.

Medium screen

When the screen gets smaller, the right bar vanishes and the "Connect Wallet to Fantom" button gets underneath the top bar.

Small screen

With smaller screens, the top buttons get abbreviated, so they still fit in the browser window.

Phone screens

For smartphone screens, the left toolbar gets to the bottom of the screen, making it easier for you to use it with your thumb.

At last, reading stories on StoryPress.info is much more enjoyable.

Don't hesitate to react or comment if you like that long awaited change.

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