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StoryPress is laying the fondation for going social with a simple new smart contract that will track who you want to follow. This will make many things possible in the future.

StoryPress has developed and deployed a Follow smart contract.

This smart contract allows any address to follow and unfollow any other Fantom address.

On top of that, some small UI elements were added so you can see how many following and followers any author on StoryPress has.

Just click on the Follow button, validate the transaction and the blockchain will know that you now follow that address.

Ok. StoryPress has added a small social feature, so what?

Your followers are really yours

This, is the main difference.

The Follow smart contract is an independent smart contract running on the Fantom blockchain. You can read its code on FTMscan. It's quite simple.

This contract is not upgradable and has no admin functionality. Basically, it's here for good and won't change.

The consequence is that, all the followers that you have on that contract are yours. StoryPress cannot take them away from you, and the best part is that, if you go to another social decentralised application on Fantom, it can read your followers from that contract and show them in their app.

In web2 apps like Twitter, if you have 100k followers and you want to leave (or get banned), you loose all your followers. Here on StoryPress, you can build your social reputation happily, and the day you don't like StoryPress any more, or you've found a sexier platform, you can just take all your followers with you.

That is web3: web3 gives the power back to its users. On web3, users don't belong to the platforms they use.

On-chain follow data

The fact that the Bob follows Alice data is on-chain also opens new doors.

Follow to claim airdrop

It becomes very easy to implement a smart contract that will allow users to claim a token you want to airdrop, only if they are following you:

  1. Bob follows you
  2. Bob calls the claimAirdrop() function of your smart contract
  3. Your smart contract checks that Bob is indeed one of your followers
  4. Your smart contract allows Bob to retrieve the airdrop

To illustrate this, we will be building such a follow to get airdrop in the following days. You will be able to claim a few Cherry Trees once you've followed MetaZebre. But beware, the follow to get airdrop smart contract will:

  1. check that you follow MetaZebre
  2. check that you have been following me for more than 24 hours
  3. check that you have at least 5 followers (because we only airdrop Cherry Trees to true influencers!!! 🤣)

Of course, the code of that smart contract will be publicly available, verified on FTMscan, and under MIT licence, so you will be able to use it to your needs, and tweak it as you wish.

Giving NFTs to nth follower

Another simple application: create a smart contract that will allow any of your followers to claim a NFT as soon as you get more than 10 thousand followers.

That's another funny logic you can implement now that the follow data is on-chain.

Questions or comments? Please, use the comment form below. Liked that article? Please consider dropping me a like. And of course ... follow me on Fantom!!

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