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StoryPress news: Comments and Orchard

Some small news about StoryPress. During the last weeks (and week-ends) we implemented comments, and started to work on the Orchard.


You can now add comments to any story on StoryPress. Each comment will cost you 2 cherries. One gets burnt, and the other is given to the owner of the article you commented.

This is quite a milestone for us, as now, all the main functionalities of StoryPress are working: you can write stories, comments and reactions.

There is still a lot to be done:

  1. possibility for an author to delete unwanted comments
  2. possibility to react (like) on a comment
  3. possibility to reply to a comment

So, still some work to do, but the foundations are here and working.

The Orchard

The Orchard is not a central part of StoryPress, but it will rule its tokenomics. Basically, you burn cherries when you use StoryPress. As cherries will get more and more scarce, their price will increase.

As we don't want cherries to be so expansive that using StoryPress will become too pricy, we also created cherry trees: if cherries ever go above 1 FTM in price, cherries will get minted, and all newly minted cherries will be distributed to people who planted (staked) their cherry trees at the Orchard.

This mechanic, largely inspired by Tomb forks, will prevent the cherry price to get above 1 FTM for too long. If you like StoryPress and want to use it on the long term, you might as well consider buying a few cherry trees: when cherries get above 1 FTM, you'll simply receive newly minted cherries. That way, once you have cherry trees, you can use StoryPress for free for ever.

You can have a look at the Orchard. It will remind you of the Masonry if you ever used Tomb. For the moment, only staking is implemented, but claiming rewards and withdraw will arrive soon.

If you like our work, please don't hesitate to cheer us up in the comments, and send us a few likes 👍😄❤️

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