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How to set up your own Discord server for your Midjourney workflow for free

The best thing you get when you pay a premium subscription to Midjourney is the ability to have your private channel with the Midjourney bot. But if you do a lot of creations, on different topics or projects, all these images will get mixed in your private conversation with Midjourney. This can get very awkward to use after a few months, especially as scrolling several weeks up in Discord isn't really the best user experience there is.

Creating your personal Discord server for Midjourney

In this tutorial, we'll see how to create our own Discord server, how to invite Midjourney to it, and how to use dedicated channels to stop mixing all your different creations in a single feed.

1. Creating your Discord server

Anyone who has Discord can create its own server. No premium plan needed for that. It's free.

Go at the bottom of you server list on the left, and click +

Then choose "Create My Own":

You can skip this question, even though I personally chose "For me and my friends":

Then simply choose the name of your Discord server and an icon for it:

Congratulations, you now have your personal Discord server.

2. Invite Midjourney to your Discord server

Look for any message from the Midjourney Bot and click on its username:

Then click on the "Add to Server" big blue button. All you need to do is choose the server you want to add Midjourney to.

Et voilà, you now have the Midjourney bot in your server. In whatever channel you have on your server, simply start typing / and all the possible Midjourney commands are available just as if you were in your direct message channel with Midjourney.

3. Create a channel per creation project

Now, when you want to start working on a new creation project with Midjourney (we all know we rarely get the image we want on the first prompt), simply create a new channel and interact with Midjourney from that channel.

You can create a new channel by clicking on the + at the top of your channel list.

After a few weeks, you'll be very happy to have spent a few minutes setting this up. All your different creations will be nicely arranged in the channels you created.

One last tip

It might happen that you want to work again on an image you created in the original Midjourney Discord server, or in your direct message to Midjourney bot channel. Or maybe you want to work on any other image from Midjourney in a new channel.

All you need to do is copy the Job ID of that image, then, on your newly created channel (or any channel that you want) simply type /show [Job ID].

This will display the image in the channel along with the usual Make Variations, ... and all buttons.

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